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Running Outdoor

Go-to-Market Prep

A focused one-day effort to make sure you have what it takes to launch. We'll take you through all the important milestones that are needed for a successful intro of your product to the market. 


Who is it for


What will happen

We will review and probably challenge your assumptions, plans and goals, validate their rationale and feasibility, using various tools and technics we've developed over two decades of bringing new products and brands to different markets.
Talk to us to understand what's needed to make the most out of this workshop. 


Meet Us

Inna Kubovski

CMO as a service, and all-things-marketing enthusiast, founder of INK Startup. 
Worked with startups big and small to assure they have what it takes to go-to-market and make a difference. 

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Ariel Kedem

Bringing successful products to market since 2012, Ariel is a veteran product and growth guy with a chef-like-talent to bring people together. 
VP products, lecturer, podcaster and an entrepreneur through and through. 

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